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Faculty Appraisal and Planning Form Prototype
The pages below are prototypes. To advance through the pages, use the buttons at the bottom of each page after filling in the required fields. These prototype pages will not save information you enter but you may enter information onto the form to test it.

  • The Faculty Appraisal and Planning Form is found in the UD Web Forms system.
  • After logging in to Web Forms, the Faculty Appraisal and Planning Form will be listed in the blank forms section.

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Step one:
  • The Faculty Appraisal and Planning Form is initiated by a faculty member. (In our example the faculty member's name is Charles Dickens.)
  • The form is divided into an appraisal section for the current year and several planning sections for the upcoming year.
  • There is also a routing section where the faculty member enters the e-mail addresses of the people responsible for reviewing his/her form.
  • There are 3 open fields for Reviewer. A Reviewer completes the appraisal for the faculty member. The Reviewer may be an Institute Director, Center Director, Unit Director, Department Chair, or Dean.

  • Example of initial form
Step two:
  • The Recordkeeper (optional) then Reviewer completes his/her appraisal.
  • At the end, an action is selected and comments may be added.

  • Example of the reviewer's form
Step three:
  • Next the form is routed to the faculty member.
  • He/she may view but not edit any of the information entered previously.
  • The faculty member meets with the reviewer to review the appraisal before completing the form.
  • At the end, comments may be added.

  • Example of the faculty member review
Step four:
Completed form:
  • The form is finished after it is completed by the Recordkeeper (optional) then Reviewer.
  • Notification is e-mailed to the faculty member, Recordkeeper (optional) then Reviewer, and Dean.
  • A copy of the completed form is in the Web Forms Archive.

  • Example of the completed form