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Faculty Appraisal and Planning Web Form

Deans or Chairs may wish to include in the instructions below in their instructions to faculty for completing the Faculty Appraisal and Planning Web Form.

  • Faculty may prepare Appraisal and Planning documents to be attached to the Web Form ahead of time. Then, they may proceed to the Web Form to attach the documents or paste their contents into the Web Form and submit it to their Reviewer.

  • Routing causes the most problems. Yet, routing problems can be minimized by Deans and Chairs providing instructions like the following to their faculty members before they begin the Web Form.

    1. If Deans or Chairs use a "Record Keeper", they should instruct their faculty on who to add as "Record Keeper". The "Record Keeper" is added before the Reviewer and only sees the form the first -- not second -- iteration through the form.
    2. If faculty are reviewed only by their Chair, then only that Chair needs to be added one time as a Reviewer when the form is originated.
    3. Dean's and Chairs In Baskets are automatically added as a copy on the form.