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Special Olympics Basketball Clinic at UD

Is Service Learning for you? Start by asking yourself two questions: What do my students need to know when they finish the course? Can service with a community partner enhance learning? If the answer is yes (or maybe), the Office of Service Learning (OSL) can provide support and advisement. The OSL maintains information on course models, ways to use reflection, and funding resources. F


For Students

Curricular Service Learning combines academic study with service to a community partner, linking students to the needs of the larger society. Faculty-directed reflection connects what students learn in the classroom with their real-world experiences.

Service Learning Abroad offers faculty and students the opportunity to study the challenges faced by communities beyond the borders of Delaware. A course-based service project provides students with the means for integrating their academic experience with real-world conditions through guided reflection. http://www.servicelearning.udel.edu/faculty_abroad.html

Co-Curricular Service Learning offers student groups the opportunity to deepen their volunteer experience with the assistance of an engaged faculty advisor who provides an academic context and directed reflection.

Examples: Engineers without Borders-Cameroon
Engineers without Borders-Guatemala

Service-Learning Scholars Program provides highly motivated students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a service-learning project for 10 weeks in the summer in a setting outside of the classroom. Scholars work in a Delaware community agency (nonprofit, governmental, community-based action research or service-based corporate activity) and simultaneously pursue academic reflection under the guidance of a UD faculty mentor. In this immersion-learning experience, students spend the bulk of their week working in the community and one-quarter of their time in academic reading, discussion and reflection. http://www.servicelearning.udel.edu/students_scholars.html

Principles of Good Pedagogical Practices
The “Principles of Good Pedagogical Practices” were developed by Jeffrey Howard, former associate director for service learning, and are widely used by colleges and universities across the country.