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With its interest in the natural environment and how human uses of the environment are shaping and being shaped by the environment, the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (CEOE) has supported various types of student engagement initiatives. CEOE students work with environmental scientists and policy makers, community leaders and service providers, and diverse populations in Delaware and beyond to understand the implications of environmental issues. Through internships and research, as well as service learning and volunteering, CEOE students are helping to create a sustainable planet earth and a caring world where all people can feel at home.

Type of project: Service Learning, Volunteer & Community-Based Research

Title of Project: Making it Home: Delaware's Guatemalan immigrant community

Community and Campus Partners: Guatemalan immigrant community of Delaware; villages in San Marcos and Huehuetenango, Guatemala; Rotary clubs in District 7630 and San Marcos, Guatemala; Diocese of Wilmington; social service agencies and schools in Georgetown, Delaware; UD's Engineers Without Borders Guatemala team.

Description of Project: The Making it Home project designed and administered by April Veness, Associate Professor of Geography, has been an interdisciplinary and international collaboration. Its focus has evolved over the years in response to students' goals, community needs, and Veness' sense of what it means to be an involved mentor, engaged citizen and activist scholar. From fieldwork in the immigrant community based in Delaware and Guatemala; to partnering with non-profit organizations and villages to secure funding, form relationships, and implement engineering projects; to walking with immigrant families through institutional, legal and social complexities; to producing a video documentary about these families so that the others will have a deeper appreciation; to working with immigrant families in Sussex County: UD students directly and indirectly in this project have given and gained much. Time Span: on going since summer 2002.

Senior thesis students, McNair Scholars, Social Science Summer Scholars, and, in the spring of 2011, Global at Home students have contributed their talents and time to understanding the processes that lead to global migration and impact this has had on Delaware's Guatemalan population. See these web sites for more information about Making it Home research and service-learning collaborations:
The San Marcos, Guatemala & District 7630, USA Rotary Connection

Social Science Summer Scholars and Engineers Without Borders students have been working to improve the conditions that force people to leave home and frustrate their attempts to make where they reside a real home. See these web sites for more information about Making it Home community-based research and volunteer efforts, as well as public recognition for this work:
Six UD Engineering Students Build a Bridge