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The Lerner College of Business and Economics provides opportunities for UD students to partner with non-profit community organizations in the development of projects that allow community groups to tap into resources that a university is uniquely positioned to provide. Lerner undergraduates provide assistance with projects that are outside the purview of typical volunteers-such as website development and systems analysis. These services help community organizations solidify their efforts and expand their capacity for serving clients.

Type of Project: Service Learning

Title of Project: MIS Capstone Course

Community Partner(s): Legal Services Corporation, Delaware Museum of Natural History, Delaware Arts Alliance, Delaware SPCA, and other organizations.

Description of Project: In the Management Information Systems capstone course offered each spring, teams of 4-5 seniors provide 500-750 hours of consulting services to both businesses and non-profit organizations. Last spring a student team worked with the intake specialist at the Legal Services Corporation to redesign the front desk procedure. Another team worked with the staff at the Delaware Museum of Natural History to develop a digital card catalog for its library-this included researching software options and implementation; customization, as well as providing documentation and training for museum staff. Other teams partnered with the Delaware Arts Alliance on a database and social networking project and redesigned the intake process for the Delaware SPCA.

Time Span: Spring semester