Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 7

Name Project Title Department Contact Information
Sharon Anderson Streamline Graduate Student Pay Process College of Engineering Business Office Email:
Phone: 831-3009
Jared Aupperle Transforming the Recruiting Process into a Partnership Recruitment /UD HR Email:
Phone: 831-8156
Cynthia K. Bendler Implementing an Electronic Filing System for Financial Backup Documents College of Arts & Sciences Email:
Phone: 831-2352
 Maria Fargo Utilizing Google Docs to Streamline eNewsletter Process College of Engineering Email:
Phone: 831-4892
Nancy J. Hicks Revise GIFT Acknowledgement Process for College of Arts & Sciences University Development Email:
Phone: 831-7032
Karen S. Nickle Creating an Electronic Archive/Records Retention System Public Safety Email:
Phone: 831-2478
Susan B. Olson Northeast Center for Risk Management Education Brochure Applied Economics & Statistics Email:
Phone: 831-6540
Kimberly Y. Ragan Develop Checklist/Guide for Hosting a Tented Event at UD Grad/Exec Programs, Lerner College Email:
Phone: 831-3329