Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 6

Participant College/Department Project Information Contact Information
Desiree Alexander University Development Scheduling Preparation for Vice President of University Development Email:
Phone:  831-7138
Barbara Carrig University Development Searches Conducted by the Office of the Associate VP of Development Email:
Phone:  831-0763
Chondra D’Amato Campus Delivery Improve Process for University Campus Pick-up and Delivery Requests Email:
Phone:  831-2157
Teresa Doggett Benefits Improvement of Leave of Absence Procedure at the University of Delaware Email:
Phone:  831-6349
Kelly Doremus Delaware Environmental Institute Procard/Receipt Management – Grant Tracking of Funds Email:
Phone:  831-2173
Nancy Dornstauder Public Safety Trespass Warning Appeal Process Form Email:
Phone:  831-2683
Denise Heldorfer Business Administration Change of Major Application Process Email:
Phone:  831-4398
Ellen Lepine Employee Education & Development Streamline Service Award Process Email:
Phone:  831-0269
Delphine Lewis Recreation Services Reorganizing the Payable Receipt System for Recreation Services Email:
Phone:  831-6229
Marsha Rybicki Arts & Sciences Internal Faculty Grant Awards – Develop Database for Records Management Email:
Phone:  831-4957
Diane Venninger Animal and Food Sciences Electronic Course Evaluations for Faculty Email:
Phone:  831-2524