Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 5

Participant College/Department Project Information Contact Information
Tracey Bauernschmidt Alumni Relations How to Help People Assume Responsibility for Problem Solving Email:
Phone:  831-8518
Carol Bedgar Office of Conferences Communicate, Navigate Succeed! Email:
Phone:  831-2214
Sharmayne Burns Budget On-line Form Email:
Phone:  831-1106
Jessica Chason Risk Management/Rental Housing Value Stream map Affiliation Agreements Email:
Phone:  831-8468
Catherine Conrad A&S Undergrad Academic Services WorkStation Moving Plan Email:
Phone:  831-3020
Margaret Cox Health Sciences Deans Office Scheduling Calendar for Dean Email:
Phone:  831-8370
Cindy Delaney Art Streamline Purchase System Email:
Phone:  831-2757
Cheri Jones Arts & Sciences Manual for Duties of Receptionist Email:
Phone:  831-2793
Deborah Nelson Electrical & Computer Engineering SIPOC for Faculty Advisement Email:
Phone:  831-3275
Brandon Toole Office of University Registrar Managing Access for Electrical Engineering Email:
Phone:  831-2077