Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 4

Participant College/Department Project Information Contact Information
Lisa Berry B&E Accounting & MIS Department Calendar using MS Outlook Email:
Phone:  831-2963
Sheila Boyle Facilities Streamline Work Flow and Efficiently Divide Office Responsibilities Email:
Phone:  831-1732
Jo Alice Casapulla Facilities Electronic Resume Access Email:
Phone:  831-1522
Mary Cleveland Arts & Sciences CAS Academic Program Review Process Email:
Phone:  831-4020
Michele Jones Employee Education & Development Training Requests, Calendar Registration, and Vendor Selection Email:
Phone:  831-0713
Nancy Koller Arts & Sciences Office Environment Project Email:
Phone:  831-8534
Camille Kozlowski MBA Program Creating a New Records Retention System Email:
Phone:  831-2768
Kathy Michael Facilities Restructure Personnel Files Email:
Phone:  831-2622
Debra Pierce Facilities-Bldg. Maintenance & Operations Procedure Ordering Convocation Flowers Email:
Phone:  831-2621
Mathieu Plourde IT-Client Support & Services Sakai Blog Launch Email:
Phone:  831-4060
Regina Porter Heath Sciences Deans Office Revised Department Meeting Structure Email:
Phone:  831-3630
Trudy Springer DE Biotechnology Institute DBI ProCard Proficiency Process Email:
Phone:  831-8504
Suzanne Stewart Alumni Relations Staff Meeting Agenda Process Email:
Phone:  831-2341
Ruthie Toole Institute for Global Studies Block Scheduling Email:
Phone:  831-4004
Mary Zielinski Graduate and Professional Education Processing Doctoral Candidacy Letters Email:
Phone:  831-8745