Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 3

Participant College/Department Project Information Contact Information
Amy Adams Air Force ROTC IT-CS&S Data Form Email:
Phone:  831-2863
Jennifer Biggs DE Biotechnology Institute Digital Employee Handbook Email:
Phone:  831-4888
Patricia Brinley Fashion & Apparel Studies Streamlining the Procedure of the University Visa Card in Works Email:
Phone:  831-8714
Lisa Dougherty Energy Environmental Work Study Placement Process Improvement Email:
Phone:  831-8405
Gina Frushon Energy Frontier Research Streamlining the Hiring Process for New Employees Email:
Phone:  831-1628
Marlo Goss Engineering Purchasing Materials and Allocating Charges with Grant Funding Email:
Phone:  831-3067
Deborah Hendel Engineering Replacing Paper Copies with Electronic Files Email:
Phone:  831-2061
Theresa Henderson Facilities Desk Reference Manual Email:
Phone:  831-0399
Lisa Henriksen Engineering Improve use of the Departmental Shared Drive Email:
Phone:  831-2060
Sharon Juck Engineering Organize and File E-mails to Improve Customer Services Email:
Phone:  831-6120
Tracy McMullen Engineering Key Words as Part of Onboarding Process and Creating a PI Eligibility Web Form Email:
Phone:  831-7443
Cynthia Munyan Public Safety Streamline Hiring Process for New Employees Email:
Phone:  831-2478
Christina Quintana Office of the President Coordinating Filing System in President’s Office Email:
Phone:  831-2111
Lisa Sorantino Facilities Planning & Construction Updated Contact and Change Order Tracking Process Email:
Phone:  831-1744
Jennifer Westfall Public Safety Streamlining Payroll Processing, Event Billing Email:
Phone:  831-1248
Theresa Yearwood Facilities-Maintenance & Operations, Customer Service Scheduling Using One Central Software System Email:
Phone:  831-1141