Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 2

Participant College/Department Project Information Contact Information
Nancy Allinger IT-Client Support & Service IT-CS&S Data Form Email:
Phone:  831-1977
Sarah Ashley Student Financial Services Work Study Placement Process Improvement Email:
Phone:  831-0520
Sandi Bradford Center for Disabilities Studies Updating and Organizing Department Equipment Closet Email:
Phone:  831-3355
Julie Brewer Library Library Human Resources Team – Electronic File Management Email:
Phone:  831-1594
Karen DiStefano Electrical & Computer Engineering Consolidate Graduate Student & Faculty Mailroom and Reorganize Office Supplies Email:
Phone:  831-2405
Kathy Forwood Electrical & Computer Engineering Guides to Completing Graduate Degrees Email:
Phone:  831-2406
David Graham Facilities Facilities Filing System Email:
Phone:  831-4908
Russell Johnson, Sr. Facilities – Maintenance & Operations, Customer Service Daily Outage Report Email:
Phone:  831-1141
Wendy Jordan Public Safety Campus and Public Safety budget Projection Process Email:
Phone:  831-7285
Mary Jane Keyser Facilities-Accounting Services Improving Project Funding Authorization Process Email:
Phone:  831-2614
N. Shearee Barnett Transportation Services Organize Department Storage Closet Space Email:
Phone:  831-8681
Eileen Pothier Research Office Recruitment in the Research Office and Research Units Email:
Phone:  831-4007
Michele Schwander Materials Science Improving the Transfer of Credit Process Email:
Phone:  831-6234
Alexander Selimov Foreign Language & Literatures Process Improvement in Preparing Masters Exam Email:
Phone:  831-2596
Nora Wallace Facilities Planning & Construction Revising the Facilities Project Filing System Email:
Phone:  831-6146
M. Kate Webster IT-Information Technologies Creating a Rewards and Recognition Program for IT Email:
Phone:  831-1993