Blue & Gold Workplace Effectiveness

Blue & Gold Cohort 1

Participant College/Department Project Information Contact Information
Sue Castelli PCS-Marketing 5S Office Workspace Organization and Improvement Email:
Phone:  831-8844
Marge Hadden PCS-Marketing Establish a Client-friendly Production Schedule for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Email:
Phone:  831-8845
Geri Foster Environmental Health & Safety Assist the New EHS Director with change Management to have a World Class Safety Department Email:
Phone:  831-8476
Marcia Hartline Auxiliary Services Organize Office Supply Cabinet by Standardizing, Ordering, and Re-stacking Email:
Phone:  831-3200
Robin Mack Composite Materials Communication:  Using all Media to the Fullest and Most Effective Email:
Phone:  831-8149
Jenni Sparks Parking Services Online Parking Permit Sale Processing Email:
Phone:  831-4142
Sharon Turner Office of the Executive Vice President Weekly Assistant to the VP Briefings to Open Lines of Communication Email:
Phone:  831-2200
Karen Weyl 1743 Service Agreement Implementation of Electronic Invoice Processing Email:
Phone:  831-7503
Nancy Bickings Engineering Saving Money and Saving the Planet Email:
Phone:  831-2401
Yvonne Simpson Public Safety Implementing the Police Office Scheduling System (POSS) Software in the Public Safety Department Email:
Phone:  831-1204
  Regina Harding Information Technology Alarm Floor Chart and the Procedure for Viewing Active Alarms for Air Conditioners #5, 6 and 7 Email:
Phone:  831-3783
Tammy Simpson-Turner Economics WORKS Transaction Sign-off Process Email:
Phone:  831-2565
Joan Stock Office of the Provost Streamlining the Annual Update of Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs Email:
Phone:  831-2260
Maggie Brumit Honors Program Electronic Data Processing – Saves Time, Money and Resources Email:
Phone:  831-2511
Sandra Buchanan Office of the President Implementing New Process for Maintaining University Memberships Email:
Phone:  831-2082
Susan Williams Office of the President Improving the Processes for Arranging Faculty Lunches Email:
Phone:  831-8436