EDST 391 Intelligence in Everyday Life


P/F Writing Assignment for Day 5

Test validity: What test scores really mean

(education as the focus)


  • Jensen's Straight Talk, pp. 19-20, 26-34, 50-51. Pages 21-26, 42-50 are only recommended.
  • ABC video, part 1 (in class)

1. What would convince you that a test really measures “intelligence”? That is, what kinds of evidence would you want to see? You’ll have to think about this.

2. One way of assessing the importance of intelligence in everyday life is to see how well IQ scores predict differences in people's later success and failure. Based on the evidence in the Jensen reading, how important is intelligence in different arenas of life? Is it equally important in all arenas? Please explain.

3. Very importantly, what is the relation of intelligence to learning ability? Please draw from Jensen’s explanation.