Planning form for “My Day”

Read everything, and then fill in all the places indicated by [ brackets ].

Assignment for Day [___]
[  your name   ]
[  names of others on your day ]
[    your day’s  title    ]


General purpose of "your day":

Specifics for how you will fulfill those goals:


Pedagogical questions ("how and what to teach") that you need to answer first. Your answers will be a work in progress, but please give your best first effort. None of these will be one-word or one-sentence answers.

  1. Content: [  On what substantive topic will you focus? ]
  2. Learning objectives: [  What do you wish your classmates to learn (content, thinking skills, etc.)?  Please be specific: “learn about X” is too broad.   ]
  3. Materials: [   What kinds of readings and other materials would help your classmates meet these learning objectives?  ]
  4. Interaction and engagement: [   What will you actually do, and have the class do, that day? What activities might interest or engage them more fully in learning? Everything has to be feasible.   ]
  5. Timing: [   How will you schedule your presentation and/or activities over your allotted time? (How much time will you devote to what? Be specific.)  ]
  6. Division of labor. [ Please specify how you will divide up the time and tasks ] Each person should have primary responsibility for a different part of the day.

Now you are ready to complete the following 3 sections. They will eventually be uploaded to the syllabus.
  1. Readings:

  2. Activities:

  3. Thinking and/or writing assignment:

  1. Planning & preparation:
  2. Class-day:
  3. Content coverage:

After you complete “your day,” you will fill out a Self-Reflection on “My Day” Please turn it in within a week after your presentation.