EDST 391 Ethics & the Human Genome


Self-Reflection on “My Day”

(Due: within two weeks of your presentation)


Congratulations! You have now successfully planned and conducted “your day” of the course.


It’s now time to reflect back. Put on your “teacher’s” hat. In your view, as instructor, what worked well, and what might you do differently next time? My own classes are always some of both—things I’m very happy with and things that I’d change or improve the next time. 


Why do I ask for your self-reflection? First, I’m truly interested. And, second, because your reflection will give me more information and insight for assigning you a grade. Your grade will depend as much on the thoughtfulness of your reflections about your design and conduct of the class as on the event itself.  


What am I looking for? Your judgment about what worked best and least well, and your insights into why. The planning form (see below) will remind you of what was involved in designing the class day.


Items to include in your self-reflection

Your name:

Course day#:


Partner(s), if any:



Thinking assignment:

In-class activities:

Discussion/debate questions used in class: Note: please submit a copy of these if I don’t already have them.

Answers to the following 4 questions (4th is optional)


1. What were you most pleased with? What worked best? Please explain.


2. What were you least pleased with? What didn’t work as well as hoped? Please explain.


3. What might you do differently next time, and why?


4. What might Dr. G do more of or differently to help students prepare for and conduct “their class”? (optional, but much appreciated)






o   [  Pick one or more readings that will enlighten and interest your classmates. It should help prepare them to understand and discuss your topic. If you don’t have a specific reading in mind, what type you would like to find? Be specific. I can’t help you unless you are.  ]

Activities (if any):

o   [  DVD (segment, not whole movie)   ]

o   [  Debate  ]

o   [  Speaker  ]

o   [  Etc.  ]

Thinking and/or writing assignment:

o    [  Questions you want your classmates to think about or focus on before coming to class. These might be important issues in the readings you want them to understand or be prepared to discuss.  ]


Planning your day will require you to answer the following questions. This will be a work in progress, but please give your best first effort. None of these will be one-word or one-sentence answers.


  1. Content: [  On what substantive topic will you focus? ]
  2. Learning objectives: [  What do you wish your classmates to learn (content, thinking skills, etc.)?  Please be specific: “learn about X” is too broad.   ]
  3. Materials: [   What kinds of readings and other materials would help your classmates meet these learning objectives?  ]
  4. Interaction and engagement: [   What will you actually do, and have the class do, that day? What activities might interest or engage them more fully in learning? Everything has to be feasible.   ]
  5. Timing: [   How will you schedule your presentation and/or activities over your allotted time? (How much time will you devote to what? Be specific.)  ]
  6. If you are working in a 2- or 3-person team: [  please specify how you will divide up the work.  ]  Each person should have primary responsibility for a different part of the day.