EDST 391 Ethics & the Human Genome


Assignment for Day 20
From human enhancement to prenatal enhancement?
Bari and Danielle's day!

Required readings:

Thinking assignment:
  1. Please think of one time in the last few days when you did something to alter your body or brain, for example, used cologne, perfume, or makeup; exercised to reduce weight or increase muscle mass; drank coffee to be more alert; etc.
    1. What was it?
    2. Why did you do it?
    3. How did it make you feel?
  2. Are people who do not care about improving their appearance at a disadvantage or looked down on? Please explain.
  3. Do the newer forms of bodily enhancement (such as plastic surgery, lasic eye surgery, steroids, makeup, unprescribed drugs to magnify concentration and short term memory) raise new ethical questions or dilemmas? If so, what are they?
Writing assignment: