How many students usually attend Edge?

Edge is an exclusive program and usually enrolls an average of 90 students a year. However, in recent years, that number can range anyhwere from 60 to over 100 students.

Where do Edge students originate?

Many students come from Delaware, but we also have a large contingency of students attend from the mid-Atlantic region. Students have come from as far away as the US Virgin Islands, Florida, Wisconsin, California, and Washington. We have also had several international students attend, and the Edge program is currently expanding its international recruitment.

Can I commute to Edge?

Edge is a residential program only, as living in a residence hall is the best way to prepare for the freshman experience.

Is there an age restriction for Edge?

Although there is no specific age restriction, students are required to be rising juniors or seniors, meaning that the typical Edge student is either 16 or 17 years old. In rare cases, exceptions will be made based on the maturity and academic record of the applicant.

What kind of students are usually accepted to Edge?

Generally, you should be taking the most challenging classes your high school offers (Honors and AP courses) and doing well in them (B or better). Every case is evaluated individually and we take the rigor of the high school curriculum into account.

How important are PSAT/SAT/ACT scores?

Standardized tests are only one indicator of how well you might perform in college. Your day-to-day performance in classes (i.e., GPA) will be considered in tandem with other test scores.

Will attending Edge help me get into the University of Delaware?

While there is no guarantee that it will, we do know that past students who have excelled in their Edge courses as well as those in their high school have been admitted to the University of Delaware. Be sure to mention your Edge experience on your UD application.

Can I use my UD credits at other colleges?

Usually the credits transfer without a problem, but it is up to the other institution to decide if they will accept them. If you are set on attending a certain college, call them in advance and ask if they will take credits from another university's summer program. Your credits will be very useful to you if you attend UD, as they can be used to satisfy breadth requirements or as electives in your major.

How often do the classes meet?

Most classes meet for 90 minutes daily, Monday through Friday. Classes start times range between 8:00AM and 4:30PM. Students taking certain science courses will also have laboratory sections that meet two to three times a week.

How much financial aid can I receive?

It depends on each family's individual situation. Factors include annual income, the number of dependents and the number of college students in the family. In order to make it possible for as many families as possible to send their high-achieving students to Edge, we rely on all families to be scrupulously honest in reporting their income and expenses. It is rare for a student to have the entire program fee covered by financial aid.

Can I bring a car to Edge?

Edge does not allow students to bring or drive cars to campus or to keep them nearby. Students are not permitted off campus except with prior parental permission for extenuating circumstances.

Does Edge have a curfew?

Yes. Sunday through Thursday nights students will need to be on their residence hall floor at 10PM to check in with Edge staff. On Friday and Saturday nights, check-in is at 11PM (midnight.) This restriction exists for students' safety and security.

Can I go home for the weekend?

Edge offers an authentic university experience, including residential life. Because of this, we discourage weekend trips, although students may go home for the weekends for extenuating circumstances and advanced parental permission.

How safe is campus?

The UD campus is quite safe. Nevertheless, during the first few days the Edge staff will instruct students on "street smarts" and the safety measures available to all students.

How well are the students supervised?

Our staff of Edge Mentors are trained to ensure a supportive environment, as well as make sure the students obey the program rules. Males and females are seperated by residence hall floor, but may visit each other in the main lounges and common areas during the day. The students are not directly supervised during the day while they go to classes and the dining hall, but the Mentors are present on the floors from the late afternoon until the next morning. We try to strike a balance in letting the students experience some independence.