Student Code of Conduct


Participation in UD Edge is a privilege and requires a commitment to maintain the highest academic and social standards. As a member of the Edge community and the larger University community, you are expected to make a positive contribution to the program by acting responsibly and by respecting the rights of other Edge participants. As such, you are required to abide by all applicable federal, state, and city laws as well as the rules and regulations set forth in this document. The Edge Code of Conduct has been established for your benefit and protection and that of the University of Delaware community. We, in turn, will offer you a living-learning environment that approximates what you will face as an entering freshman.

As a participant in a University of Delaware program, you are bound by and expected to familiarize yourself with the University of Delaware Code of Conduct and Residence Hall Regulations. Several of those policies, in part or in their entirety, are excerpted below and include the restrictions that Edge enforces above and beyond the Code of Conduct and Residence Hall Regulations. Please note that some Edge policies are more stringent than the University's and students will be held to the Edge standards. Where stated below, the University of Delaware will adjudicate violations and may report incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Academic Honesty

All students must be honest and forthright in their academic studies. To falsify the results of one's research, to steal the words or ideas of another, to cheat on an assignment, or to allow or assist another to commit these acts corrupts the educational process. Students are expected to do their own work and neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance.

Any violation of this standard must be reported to the Office of Judicial Affairs. The faculty member, in consultation with a representative from the Office of Judicial Affairs, will decide whether the matter should be adjudicated through the Student Judicial System or resolved without a formal judicial hearing. In the latter case, the faculty member must have the agreement of all students directly affected.

Academic Violations may include Plagiarism, Fabrication, Cheating, Academic Misconduct, or other forms of academic dishonesty not described here but in violation of the Academic Honesty Statement of Policy.

Alcohol Regulations

All students must comply with Delaware law and these alcohol regulations. The University does not condone the use of alcoholic beverages and prohibits their abuse or illegal consumption.

The University prohibits the unauthorized possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale, or distribution of alcohol; alcoholic intoxication; and driving while impaired due to alcohol consumption. Specifically this offense includes, but is not limited to:

  • The possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale, or distribution of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age
  • The possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale, or distribution of alcohol in violation of any applicable law, including the laws of the State of Delaware or the City of Newark, Delaware
  • The possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale, or distribution of alcohol in any University building, facility, or property except in the confines of a student's own residence hall room if the student is 21 years of age
  • The possession of beer kegs in any University building, facility, or property

Due to the fact that no Edge student is over the age of 21, no guests of Edge students, regardless of their age, may possess or consume alcoholic beverages in University residence halls.

Disruptive Conduct

A student shall not impair, interfere with, or obstruct the orderly conduct, process, or function of the University or any of its students, faculty members, University officials, or guests.

Drug Policy

The University prohibits the possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale, or distribution of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Any violations of this drug policy may be subject to sanctions by the Student Judicial System and may be reported to all appropriate law enforcement authorities.


The possession, use, consumption, manufacture, sale, or distribution of any tobacco-related products (including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, electronic tobacco devices, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Students found using or posessing any of these items will be subject to punitive measures.

Fire Safety

A student shall not endanger the lives or safety of others. Specific violations of this standard include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting a fire or tampering with or misusing fire or safety equipment, such as alarms, heat sensors, smoke detectors, hoses, and fire extinguishers
  • Failing to immediately exit any facility or building when a fire alarm has been sounded, or hindering or impairing the orderly evacuation of any University facility or building
  • Disobeying a command by any University official or faculty member in connection with a fire, alarm, or other safety or security matter


Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests and must ensure that guests comply with University regulations, including the standards in this Code of Conduct. Students in residence halls are responsible for abiding by the Guidelines for Hosting Visitors in the Residence Halls; however, the Summer Code of Conduct policies regarding Hosting Visitors supersede these Guidelines.

Edge students may host other Edge students in main lounges only between the hours of 6AM and curfew.

Guests (defined as non-immediate family, non-Edge persons) may visit between 6AM and curfew; however, they are not allowed into the residence hall. Overnight visits in the residence hall are not permitted at any time during Edge.

Edge Policies

Leaving Campus
A student will be permitted to leave campus overnight only with prior written authorization from his or her parent(s) or guardian(s). Blanket parental permission is not acceptable. The letter authorizing overnight time away from campus must be presented to the hall director or the program coordinator or faxed to the Edge office (302-831-4194) at least 24 hours before the student plans to leave campus. Please note that the office closes at 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday and is not open on the weekends; therefore, faxes must be RECEIVED prior to 5:00 P.M.

Motor Vehicles
Students are not allowed to operate motor vehicles or keep them nearby while in residence. Written parental permission is required 24 hours in advance (may be faxed) for a student to ride in a vehicle driven by anyone other than the Edge program staff members or parents/guardians/grandparents.

On and Off-Campus Visits
Edge students are not allowed to visit other residence halls on campus. Visits by students to off-campus parties, social gatherings, apartments, or fraternities are prohibited.

Students Owing Money to the University or Edge Program
Grades will not be released to any student who owes money to the University of Delaware or the Edge Program.


Depending upon the severity or frequency of the violation, students may receive the following sanctions:

Disciplinary Warning – A Disciplinary Warning is an official verbal or written notice expressing disapproval of conduct and a statement that the conduct violates one or more University or Edge rules or regulations.

Disciplinary Probation (parents notified) – Disciplinary Probation is a period of review during which the student must demonstrate the ability to comply with University and Edge rules, regulations, and all other stipulated requirements.

Dismissal from Program (parents notified) – If a student is dismissed from the Edge Program for disciplinary reasons, he or she will be required to notify his or her parents by telephone in the presence of the Program Coordinator. A dismissal letter will be given to the student with a copy for the parent or guardian. The dismissed student must be picked up by a parent or designated representative as soon as possible, preferably by the evening of the same day as the dismissal, but no later than 24 hours. If the student has not been picked up within 24 hours of the dismissal, Edge will send him or her home via public transportation at the parents'/guardians' expense. The student and his/her family are not eligible for a refund of the Program Fee if the student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons. Students dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons will be officially withdrawn from all coursework and receive grades of "W" on their transcript.