The Edge Pre-College Workshop


In addition to regularly-scheduled classes, Edge engages students with weekly workshops designed to instill practical skillsets and college readiness in its students.

The Edge Scholar Workshop

The Edge Scholar Workshop series is designed to prepare students for the rigorous process of both applying for college and using university resources effectively. In addition to our Edge Mentor staff, who are all current UD students in good standing, the Edge program has enlisted high school guidance counselors and university officials to administer the workshop to ensure that Edge students will receive a comprehensive look at what it takes to be an effective college student, both in and outside the classroom.

Students who complete the Edge Scholar Workshop series will also have the distinction of the Edge Scholar designation being listed on their official transcript, so that any college and university to which students apply will be able to weigh it in their evaluation process. The workshop is a 0-credit Pass/Fail designation listed on student's transcripts as UNIV167: EDGE SCHOLAR WORKSHOP.

More information on the 2016 Edge Pre-College Workshop session will be available in the coming months.