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Electronic Community Citizenship Examination

All students are required to pass an Electronic Community Citizenship Examination before they can use the University's central computing resources.

The acronym, ECCE, means "behold!" or "pay attention!" and the test was designed to get students to do just that, while becoming aware of their privileges and responsibilities on the information superhighway known as the Internet.

Modeled after procedures for getting a driver's license, this awareness program also includes a student manual, which was distributed to new students during orientation week. The manual, Responsible Computing, explains the University's purpose in providing students access to computing resources and its expectations for responsible computing behavior.

The test includes 10 questions about responsible computing. A student must answer all 10 questions successfully in order to qualify for citizenship in the electronic community.

"This awareness initiative was developed because we discovered many students--maybe most students--were unaware that policy or rules of ethics pertain to computing behavior," said Susan Allmendinger, Systems Security and Access. "It comes as a big surprise, for instance, that they must not share their accounts with others, that they must keep their passwords secret."

"The most important concept that students should learn," according to Allmendinger, "is that they are trusted members of the electronic community and have responsibilities as such."

In addition to ECCE, which focuses on new students, faculty have been asked to present University policy for responsible computing.

Faculty who require students to use computing resources in doing course work have been provided with materials to accompany a class discussion of ethics as they apply to computing. Copies of the student manual are available to them as well.

* ECCE Questions, Answers & Instructions

* Recommended Guidelines

* Responsible Computing : A Student Manual

* ECCE itself

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