Contributions of Persons with the Surname Dybowski

This is a collection of information on persons with the surname Dybowski (or variant spellings of the name) who have made significant contributions to humankind.  I shall be grateful for information on other persons (and their histories). --  Cecil Dybowski ( Dybowski

Nineteenth-century naturalist and explorer of Siberia and Kamchatka (1833-1930) Dybowski

Psychologist and philosopher, College of Santa Fe Dybowski

Author, “The Polish Dream” and “Greenhorn” Dybowski

Director, “Highlander – The Animated Series, The Adventure Begins” and designer of video games (or Jean) Dybowski

Nineteenth-century agricultural scientist and world traveler (1855-1928) J. Dybowski

French rabbit breeder claimed to have developed early chinchillas Dybowski

Police chief of Dusseldorf, Germany Dybowski

Computer scientist specializing in neural networks Dybowski

Twentieth-century Polish painter Dybowski

Musicologist [“The Dictionary of Polish Pianists”]; artistic director and producer of “The Pianist” Dybowski

Law professor and member of the Polish constitutional tribunal Dybowski

Polish cinematographer of films like "Promised Land" (1975) Dybowski

Polish poster artist for movies such as “Airplane” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Dybowski

Professor of zoology and paleontology at Dorpat (1838-1910; brother of Benedykt) B. Dybowski

Author, “The Greenhorn”, with Eugene Dybowski

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