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1. Select a case (e.g. Dred Scott).


2. Prepare a summary of the case.


3. Have students read the case summary.


4. Have the class identify the facts in the case and the case question.


5. Small Group Option - place the students in triads. Two students (A and B) argue different sides of the case. The third student (C) plays the role of judge. The two students argue the case while the judge poses questions and makes a decision on the case. One team can then be selected to argue the case "before" the whole class (see Procedure 6).


6. Whole Class Option - select several cases for discussion. Prepare case summaries and identify the case questions. Invite two students or two pairs to argue each side (Appellant and Respondent). The rest of the class plays the roles of justices who pose questions and render a decision.

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