Stroke Research Group

The Stroke Research Group at the University of Delaware is an interdisciplinary team working to advance rehabilitation science and clinical practice for people who have experienced a stroke.

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Stroke Team members


Stroke Team
Jill Higginson, Darcy Reisman, Stuart Binder-Macleod, Jared Medina, Susanne Morton


Stuart Binder-Macleod
Department of Physical Therapy
Research: Improvement of walking function using fast treadmill training and electrical stimulation of lower-extremity muscles.

Jill Higginson
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research: Understanding of muscle coordination for activities of daily living through coupled experimental and simulation studies.

Jared Medina
Department of Psychology
Research: Understanding how the brain integrates sensory information to provide knowledge regarding our bodies.

Susanne Morton
Department of Physical Therapy
Research: Motor learning in health and disease; noninvasive brain stimulation for physical recovery following stroke.

Darcy Reisman
Department of Physical Therapy
Research: Understanding the mechanisms of movement dysfunction following stroke.

Anyone interested in learning more about the UD Stroke Research Team should contact Jennifer Marmon, (302) 831-4615 or email