DRI Resources

The Delaware Rehabilitation Institute at the University of Delaware has more than 50 affiliated faculty members representing five colleges and 10 departments across the university’s campuses.

Among DRI’s strengths are its resources

  • Top-ranked doctoral program in physical therapy
  • Founding partner in the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance, a collaborative partnership to advance biomedical research in Delaware
  • National Institutes of Health recognized
  • Center of Biomedical Research Excellence
  • Internationally recognized interdisciplinary Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) graduate program
  • Laboratories for research in:
    • Cytomechanics
    • Motor control
    • Rehabilitation robotics
    • Motion and gait analysis
    • Structural biology
    • Bioimaging
    • Biomechanics
    • Infant motor behavior
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Physiology
    • Athletic training
    • Motor behavior
    • Human muscle performance
    • Tissue engineering
    • Electromyography

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