Geography Standard One - Grades 9-12

Sample Activities

 Students might observe geographic patterns in the field, ask geographic questions and assemble and organize collected data in mapped or other appropriate graphical form. They would then produce an oral or written report explaining the geographic patterns displayed [Maps].

 Based on a knowledge of the properties of maps and other geo-graphics, students could select the most suitable form to display data collected about a particular community issue, such as the location of a school, a new highway, or a bus route [Maps].

This activity could be linked with a civics activity if students also had to research the organizations responsible for deciding between different plans and format their presentations according to the standards required of those agencies.

 After gathering survey and map data which represents their classmates' residential preferences at local, national, or global scales, students could analyze the factors which influence people's preferences about where to live and their decisions to move [Maps; places].

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