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Delaware Checklists  
[Pocket Checklist, Part 1]    [Pocket Checklist, Part 2]    |    [One-page Checklist]
The DOS' Delaware Records Committee (DERC) is responsible for maintaining the list of birds found in Delaware. Birds currently under review are marked with an asterisk (*) on the checklist. It is requested that documentation for these or other birds not on the list be sent to the DOS, Records Committee, PO Box 4247, Greenville, DE 19807.  


You may download a printer-friendly version of the checklist of Delaware birds below (Adobe PDF format):

Pocket sized list:
[DE Checklist, Part 1] [DE Checklist, Part 2]
This checklist is formatted for double sided printing, and intended to be folded in half, to produce a complete list measuring approximately 5.5" by 4.25".

Recommended printing instructions:
Print Part 1 of the list (DE_list_a.pdf) from Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader (Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later, available for free through the link below, is recommended) on your printer. Then place the printed page back in the document feed tray of your printer and print Part 2 (DE_list_b.pdf), so that it is on the back of the page. For most printers, this means that you should place the page with Part 1 in the document feed tray face up and with the text rightside up as you face the printer.

This document is optimized for printing with Acrobat Reader v. 5 and later. If using this version, best results may be obtained by not fitting the document to the page in print setup. If using version 4 or earlier, you should activate the "Fit to page" checkbox in the Print Options, otherwise the margins might not appear correctly. The list may then be cut down with scissors & folded in half. For even greater efficiency, you can print two full cards on one 8.5x11" page by turning the paper upside down (before cutting the paper) and repeating the instructions above.

One page list:
[DE Checklist, Full]
This checklist is formatted to fit on a single page.
You may also access these pages in HTML format:

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