Delaware Teacher Recruitment Program
Online application

Instructions:  Type all information (on disk or website).  Send the original to the Program Coordinator
                       and save 1 copy for your records.  Applications are available on the web or by disk.
                       Be prepared to fill out the online application in one sitting.
This application is submitted to: Dr. Sylvia Brooks
307 Willard Hall


Personal Information



Date of Birth:

Local Mailing Address: 
City:  State:  Zip Code: 

Local Telephone Number: 

Email Address: 

Permanent Mailing Address: 
City:  State:  Zip Code: 

Permanent Telephone Number: 

Gender:Male  Female
Ethnicity: American Indian Caucasian/White
African American Hispanic/Latino
Asian American Native American/Pacific Islander
Other (specify) 


Citizenship:    U.S. Citizen Yes No
If no, specify country of citizenship or country of birth. 

Name and occupation of parents or guardians:

        1.  Name:         Occupation: 

        2.  Name:         Occupation: 

I have previously participated in the following programs (check all that apply):

Student Support Services
Talent Search
Upward Bound
Upward Bound Math/Science

Additional Information

Major:                     Expected Date of Graduation: 

Please list all academic awards or honors you have received.

Please list any additional awards or honors you have received.



Applicants are to submit two letters of reference (at least one from an academic source).  Recommendations can be completed online or you can obtain the Microsoft Word recommendation form.

Names of references:

        1.  Name:             Telephone #: 

        2.  Name:             Telephone #: 

Employment and Volunteer Experience

List your volunteer and employment experiences for the past 2 years (attach a separate sheet if needed):

1.  Job title: 
     Employer name:         Telephone #: 
     Hours per week: 

2.  Job title: 
     Employer name:         Telephone #: 
     Hours per week: 

3.  Job title: 
     Employer name:          Telephone #: 
     Hours per week: 

1.  Volunteer job title: 
     Placement name:         Telephone #: 
     Hours per week: 

2.  Volunteer job title: 
     Placement name:         Telephone #: 
     Hours per week: 

Are you interested and committed to teaching in a school in the State of Delaware?Yes No


Answers must be 10-20 typed lines (attach a separate sheet of paper if necessary).

1.  Describe your academic goals and immediate plans following graduation.


2.  Describe your career goals, including where you hope to be in 5 to 7 years after graduation.


3.  What contributions will you make to the DE-TRP Program?



1.  I authorize the DE-TRP to obtain my academic and financial aid records, as well as other relevant
     information pertinent to my eligibility in the DE-TRP.  I understand I must qualify for admission into the program.

2.  I understand that I will receive scholarship support from the DE-TRP and that
     participation in the DE-TRP requires that I commit to teaching in a high need target school.
     The Program will assist me in securing a teaching position and I agree to accept that position.
     Should I not accept a position, I agree to reimburse the US Deptartment of Education, the
     program sponser, for all scholarship and financial support that I received during my program

3.  I certify that all information submitted in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my

Signature                                     Date 

Application deadline is ASAP
* Applications handed in after the deadline will be accepted based on availability

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