The Center for the Study of Diversity thrives because of the wide participation and support we receive throughout the University community.

A group of faculty scholars at the University of Delaware comprise the core advisory group for the Center. These scholars come from many departments and disciplines and several different colleges at the University. Their research, scholarship, teaching and service directly engage issues of diversity that the Center focuses on.

In addition to the faculty scholars, there are numerous other faculty at the University doing diversity related research and scholarship that is supported and encouraged by the Center. Faculty involved in these projects are identified as faculty affiliates.

There are numerous scholars across the country who are experts in studying diversity, and we have invited a small number to be associated with the Center for the Study of Diversity as national affiliate scholars. These scholars will share their own work and research and advise the center on broad national trends in a variety of areas of diversity in higher education.

The Center also acknowledges the research and scholarship of graduate students at UD and has invited a group of graduate student affiliates to participate in the activities of the Center.

Scholarship that drives diversity practice