Lectures and Seminars

As part of its educational mission, the Center sponsors lectures, seminars, brown bag talks, symposia, and conferences. The lectures are open to the public and focus on broad diversity topics, and they feature nationally prominent scholars and policy analysts. The brown bags, seminars, and workshops are specialized, small meetings with targeted topics for members of the University of Delaware community.

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Featured Event: 2016 Brown Bags

Postdoctoral Research Associate Rebecca Covarrubias delivers her fall 2013 brown bag talk

The Center will continue our Diversity Brown Bag series in Fall 2016. These sessions provide a forum for faculty, grad students, and other affiliates of the Center to exchange ideas and updates about diversity research topics, approaches, data, and concepts as part of our motto "Scholarship that drives diversity practice".

All are invited to these informal talks.

Details will be posted over the summer!

Fall 2016 and beyond

As we prepare for the next academic year, our focus will be on the theme of Campus Climate. We will continue to partner with the Vice Provost for Diversity and the remainder of the Diversity Network as well as other units on campus, including UD-ADVANCE and Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

Past Events

Spring 2016 Diversity Lecture Series

As part of our mission "to promote academic research and scholarship that facilitate dialogues about and understanding of the social and academic impact of diversity," CSD announces our spring lectures focusing on several aspects of diversity in higher education.

Howard Stevenson, University of Pennsylvania

March 1, 2016, "If Elephants Could Talk: Racial Literacy"- co-sponsored with the College and School of Education

Dr. Howard Stevenson is the Constance Clayton Professor of Urban Education, Professor of Africana Studies, and former Chair of the Applied Psychology and Human Development Division in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Stevenson's recently published book, "Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools: Differences that Make a Difference" focuses on how to address racial conflicts and racial stress in educational contexts. His work provides strategies to classroom teachers, educational leaders, psychologists and parents on how to develop culturally relevant, strength-based responses and interventions that promote healthier school climates.

March 2, 2016, Workshop - This event was for faculty, graduate students, and staff to discuss what strategies have worked in developing racial literacy across different educational contexts.

PowerPoint from this workshop is available here.

Sylvia Hurtado, UCLA - 2016 Lecture on Excellence in Diversity

March 16, 2016, "Social Justice and a Diverse Democracy"

Professor of Education and former director of the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, Dr. Hurtado is a strong and consistent voice for the importance of diversity to the educational and civic mission of higher education. From a strong research base, she has informed the Supreme Court on the necessity and benefit of diversity, and colleges and universities across the country on creating positive campus climate and their benefit to the teaching and learning of all students. She is an influential leader in developing diversity and inclusion policy in higher education.

Read the UDaily article here.

Ana Mari Cauce, President, University of Washington - 2016 Distinguished Lecture on Diversity in Higher Education

April 22, 2016, 11:30 am, Trabant Theatre, Trabant University Center

As newly elected president of the University of Washington, and former faculty member at UD, Ana Mari Cauce ascends to the presidency with the firm belief that the university community of faculty, students and staff, have "...the power and responsibility--individually and collectively--to create an inclusive society where all can achieve their full potential." Her commitment to providing leading-edge student experience, research and scholarship with global impact, and infusing the university with a commitment to innovation are central to her presidency. A child of Cuban refugees, President Cauce offers the proposition that--We can only all be better off when we really are all better off.

Read the UDaily article here. Video available here!

Scott Page, University of Michigan

May 5, 2016

The Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science and Economics at the University of Michigan, Dr. Page also directs the Center for the Study of Complex Systems. His book, "The Difference" is a classic argument for the benefits of diversity. He not only demonstrates that groups with a range of perspectives outperform groups of like-minded experts, but he shows practical ways to apply diversity to a host of problems to the benefit of all.

Read the UDaily article. Dr. Page's presentation is available here.

2015 Lecture on Excellence in Diversity

The University of Delaware Center for the Study of Diversity, in collaboration with the Vice Provost for Diversity, hosted Robert Sellers, Vice Provost for Equity, Inclusion, and Academic Affairs at the University of Michigan. Dr. Sellers delivered the inaugural Lecture on Excellence in Diversity on Monday October 5, 2015.

Read the UDaily article here.

Scholarship that drives diversity practice