Inter-Group Dialogues (ARSC 367-011)


The Center is pleased to offer Inter-Group Dialogues, a provocative new course in Fall 2013. Please click here for our flyer!

This course is based on the assumption that diversity is a complex psychological, social, and institutional reality.  It explores the concept of differences and commonalities among us, and how those differences can inhibit or enrich interaction across group boundaries, and contribute to building community in diverse institutions.  Diversity is meant, in its broadest sense, to encompass the multiple ways in which we are different, and the intersection of some of those differences within individuals.  We will explore these diversity and community-building issues through readings, class lectures, and discussions, journaling and separate small focus group discussions and projects.  The course is open to all students at all levels.

To express interest in the course, students are welcome to fill out this short form.