Message from the Director

The meaning of diversity and the best ways to achieve it are important and complex issues to be understood in an increasingly diverse world. The Center for the Study of Diversity (CSD) is conceived as way to systematically address "the diversity question."

There are many different perspectives on diversity but four core principles guide the Center for the Study of Diversity: Diversity must be 1) A Core Value, 2) an Institutional Priority, 3) based on Smart practices, and 4) supported by appropriate Institutional Change.

The University of Delaware has made diversity a core value in the Path to Prominence:

The University of Delaware will foster a robust educational environment in which all people are welcome and feel welcome—one that supports critical thinking, free inquiry, and respect for diverse views and values. As a community, we will embrace diversity as an integral and vital part of everyday life and a cornerstone value of our University.

A priority in the Strategic Plan of the College of Arts and Sciences:

The College of Arts and Sciences affirms our commitment to fostering a diverse and respectful educational environment that advances critical thinking, open inquiry and full participation by students, faculty and staff. Diverse backgrounds, interests, intellectual approaches, global perspectives and identities are essential to a culture of deep and engaged learning. The ethnic, cultural, regional, international and intellectual diversity of our students, faculty and staff contributes substantially to the living-learning community of a great university

Smart strategies for meeting diversity goals are enhanced by the CSD, a scholarly enterprise whose mission:

…is to promote academic research and scholarship that facilitates dialogues about and understanding of the social and academic impact of diversity.

Institutional changes are reflected in the:

  • Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI),
  • Diversity and Equity Commission (DEC)
  • President’s Diversity Initiative (PDI) and
  • Center for the Study of Diversity (CSD).

The CSD includes a critical group of UD Faculty Scholars whose research and scholarship, personal experiences and commitments enables them to contribute to the work of the CSD. It further engages Faculty Affiliates from other universities to collaborate with UD faculty to address critical diversity issues. The CSD will foster lectures, and workshops of noted diversity scholars, as well as issue strategic working papers on critical diversity topics relevant to UD and higher education institutions as well. We believe the CSD’s work will enhance the diversity efforts at UD, and become an international site of knowledge and information about successful diversity.