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Charge to the Committee (from the Handbook for Faculty)
This committee shall be a continuing center for overviewing the broad educational affairs of the University; for providing a large context for the examination and preparation of educational proposals; and for providing liaison and coordination among the following enumerated educational committees. It shall survey academic weaknesses and strengths and help formulate and assess educational policies and practices. Mindful of Trustee and Administrative responsibility for the University's fiscal affairs, and at the same time recognizing budgetary matters as a main instrument of academic development, this committee is authorized to confer with the Provost concerning the establishment of academic priorities and their implementation, and such other related budgetary matters as may arise.  This committee shall be made up of the President elect of the Senate who shall chair the committee; the Provost  or his or her designee; three faculty members appointed for three-year terms by the Committee on Committees and Nominations; one undergraduate and one graduate student; and the chairpersons of the following enumerated standing committees of the Faculty Senate. 

     1. Committee on Graduate Studies 
     2. Committee on Undergraduate Studies 
     3. Committee on Instructional, Computing, and Research Support 
     4. Library Committee 

(Rev. 11/4/91;  editorial update 3/98 & 12/99)

Members for 2001-2002
  • Jay Hildebrandt, Professor, Music (President Elect of the Senate)
  • Conrado Gempesaw, Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Planning (designee of the Provost).
  • Carol Denson, Associate Professor, Consumer Studies (one of three faculty members appointed for three-year terms).
  • Elizabeth Perse, Professor, Communication (one of three faculty members appointed for three-year terms).
  • Mike Santare, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering (one of three faculty members appointed for three-year terms).
  • Nicolas J. Baker, Senior, College of Arts and Science  (undergraduate student representative).
  • Bob Kulesher, Graduate Student, College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy (graduate student representative).
  • Kenneth Koford, Professor, Economics and Professor, Political Science (Chair of Committee on Undergraduate Studies).
  • Marlene Emara, Assistant Professor, Animal and Food Science (Chair, Committee on Instructional, Computing and Research Support Services).
  • Roberta Golinkoff, H.Rodney Sharp Professor, School of Education; also Professor, Psychology and Professor, Linguistics (Chair, Committee on Graduate Studies).
  • Connie Vickery, Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics(Chair, Library Committee).
Support Staff:
  • Rita Girardi, Administrative Assistant, Faculty Senate Office.
  • Karren Helsel-Spry, Administrative Assistant, Faculty Senate Office.

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