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Detailed Explanations for Select Academic Requirements

Detailed Requirement Explanations

This page provides thorough explanations of the University and other requirements. This list is not exhaustive. Please consult the University Catalog and major-specific materials for additional information. Please review below to learn more about the application of these policies. If, after reviewing this information, you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Undergraduate Student Services at (302) 831-8073 or at chs-advise@udel.edu.

University Requirements

University requirements must be completed by all students pursuing a University of Delaware undergraduate degree regardless of their college.

ENGL110: Critical Reading and Writing

3 credits. Requires a minimum grade "C-". If a student earns a lower grade, the course must be repeated for no additional degree credit.

ENGL110 is customarily taken during the freshman year. It can be taken later, but should be completed within the first 60 credits.

Credit for ENGL 110 cannot be gained from AP exams in English. However, students can earn elective credit (ENGL 166 or 266) toward the degree or credit for ENGL 280, depending on the particular AP test and the score earned.

Students who were admitted to UD prior to Fall 2007 and who earned a score of 710 or higher on the SAT II Writing Test (not the SAT verbal score) are exempted from ENGL 110. The exemption will be posted at the top of the student's transcript. If it's not there, the student either didn't earn the correct score for exemption, the official score report was never received by UD Admissions, or there was a clerical error. A student who suspects an error should be referred to the Undergraduate Student Services for trouble shooting. Exemptions were eliminated effective with entrance in Fall 2007 and later. From that point on, all students must take ENGL 110 unless they have transferred an equivalent course from another institution.

Transfer credit (for similar courses with titles like Composition, Rhetoric, etc.) from other institutions that has been posted to a student's UD record as "ENGL166 - Special Problem" or "ADMN166T - Transfer Credit Under Evaluation," might be reevaluated as equivalent to ENGL 110. Transfer students with such credit should request re-evaluation of the credit by Dr. Christine Cucciarre (ccucc@udel.edu) in the English Department. If Dr. Cucciarre believes the transferred course was equivalent to ENGL110 she will contact the Registrar's Office to have this noted on the student's transcript (usually noted as an exemption). If the course is determined not to be equivalent to ENGL 110, the ENGL166T (elective) credit for the course will stand on the transcript and the student will be required to complete ENGL110 here at UD. Procedure for transfer of credit.

First Year Experience (FYE)

Credits vary by course and major. Minimum grade varies by major/course.

This requirement is typically completed in the form of a First Year Seminar during a student's first term at UD.

If a student's "first year" in college was somewhere else, the requirement will be typically be waived unless the course is required by the major.

Discovery Learning Experience (DLE)

3 credits. Requires a minimum grade of "D-" unless the course is a major requirement with a different minimum grade (or "P" if the course/experience was only offered on a pass/fail basis). For more information about the DLE requirement, click here.

A Discovery Learning Experience (DLE) is discovery-based and experiential learning that involves instructional experiences out-of-class and beyond typical curriculum courses. These enrichment experiences exist for students under the supervision of a faculty member. UD students must register and successfully complete at least three credits of DLE. This may be one 3-credit experience or experiences of 1- or 2-credits adding up to three credits.

Three DLE credits are required of all* undergraduate bachelor degree students entering UD in Fall 2006 or later. This includes readmitted students, transfer students and students who began studies at UD in the Associate in Arts (AA) Program or Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS). Students fulfill the DLE requirement by registering for and successfully completing, prior to graduation, a total of three credits of DLE approved coursework (e.g. internship, service learning, independent study, undergraduate research program, or study abroad program).

Effective Fall 2008, when a list of specific courses satisfying DLE was first published, only courses appearing on the DLE approved courses list fulfill the requirement. However, the list of DLE approved courses is retroactive, so a course completed before Fall 2008 fulfills the requirement if it appears on the list.

*The exception: A student who begins a UD bachelor degree program in Fall 2006 or later, who has at least twelve college or university credits (not including AP or IB credits) earned prior to Fall 2006 which are part of or have been posted to the UD transcript, is NOT obligated to fulfill the DLE requirement.

Note: DLE was introduced before Fall 2006 but the requirement is waived for all students who entered the University prior to Fall 2006.

Multicultural Course

3 credits. Requires a minimum grade "D-" ("P" is not acceptable).

A course stressing multicultural, ethnic, and/or gender related issues. There is a published list of acceptable courses in the University Catalog. Students may also search for courses that will fulfill the requirement via the Registrar's Office Courses Search page.

Courses that are transferred into UD will fulfill the requirement if the transfer designation shows that the course is equivalent to one of the courses on the published list of options. The student's transcript will show the subscript notation "Multicultural course" beneath the course title after the student fulfills the requirement.

University Breadth

Required of all students who first matriculated in Fall 2010 or later.

Minimum grade of "C-" required. Grades of "P" are not acceptable.

12 credits total, 3 credits in each of the following areas: Creative Arts and Humanities, History and Cultural Change, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology.

Students must take breadth courses from four different subject areas (e.g. the four-letter subject code ACCT, HIST, etc.). Students may not use a course that is cross-listed with a subject area that has already been used to satisfy a University Breadth requirement. Students enrolled in a single major may not satisfy the breadth requirement with courses in the subject area of that major (e.g. Exercise Science majors may not use KAAP courses). Students who are enrolled in more than one major or degree are allowed to meet the University breadth requirement by taking approved breadth courses from within the subject areas of their majors. Students may use University Breadth courses to fulfill other degree requirements (such as Multicultural, DLE, minors, etc.), subject to the limitations above.

Breadth Requirement courses MUST be chosen from the lists of courses published in the on-line Catalog. Only a course approved for a breadth group in the semester in which a student completes it can be used to satisfy that breadth requirement. University Breadth courses must be selected from the University Breadth list (we do not have a breadth list).

Some courses offered abroad are given special approval to fulfill University Breadth Requirements. Such special approval will be stated on information or advertising from the Study Abroad program, on the Study Abroad web page.

Transfer students often receive UD credit for courses with titles similar to titles of courses on the Breadth Requirement lists for example "Intro to Soc.," or "Intro to Philosophy." If the transfer credit appears on the student's transcript as "HIST 166T," "SOCI 266T," etc. the course is considered only elective credit until a re-evaluation is requested from the appropriate academic department. Instructions for official transfer of credit procedures can be found on the University Transfer Center's web site.

Other Requirement Information

Most, though not all, majors in CHS require at least one math course. Students are placed in an appropriate math course based on their performance on the Math Placement Assessment. Your major may require a math course at a higher level than where you place. Your advisor can discuss your placement with you and the appropriate course(s) to take.

Detailed information about the Math Placement Assessment may be found here: www.math.udel.edu/placement/pt_ALEKS.html

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