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Senior Checkout & Degree Clearance

"Senior Checkout" is an analysis of how many credits and which requirements need to be completed for a student to finish their degree. The initial Senior Checkout should occur at least one academic year before the student’s expected graduation term. This is a critical step in the process of degree certification and the awarding of the degree. All remaining requirements are specified in writing on the checkout form, including any special requirements as well as the specific number of credits remaining to be completed. The official Senior Checkout is the document used to determine degree certification. This document supersedes the online Degree Audit.

"Degree Clearance" occurs after all final grades are posted for the last courses needed to satisfy degree requirements, and the Dean’s Office can confirm for the Registrar that a student has met all requirements for the degree, including minimum grades in certain courses and number of credits earned.

How do I get my Senior Checkout?

Faculty advisors and/or department advisors first review a student’s academic record to determine which major requirements have been satisfied and which major requirements remain to be completed. In some cases, a faculty or department advisor may also review minor requirements where a minor is required as part of the major (HLBH, HLSC majors).

The USS Office will be responsible for reviewing all other components of a student’s academic record to determine which requirements have been satisfied and which requirements remain to be completed for all of the following:

  • Minors (not required by the major)
  • University requirements (ENGL 110, Discovery Learning Experience, Multicultural and First Year Experience)
  • Departmental University Breadth requirements
  • Residency requirement
  • Minimum Required GPA
  • Minimum Required Credits
  • Duplicate Courses

After the review, the USS Office will send each student a copy of her/his Senior Checkout as an email attachment to his/her udel email address.

Students do not need to do anything in order to receive a Senior Checkout except to make sure their graduation date in UDSIS is accurate. Once you receive your Checkout, review it right away and contact the person whose name appears at the bottom of the form if you have any questions.

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