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For Undergraduate Students

There are several options for students wishing to become involved in undergraduate research however the first step is to identify a faculty sponsor. There are a broad range of research topics being investigated within the College of Health Sciences. Students should browse the listing of ongoing research within the college to find potential faculty sponsors whose research is in line with a student’s career goals. Students should contact faculty to discuss potential research opportunities with them.

Additionally, the Undergraduate Research Office, located at 12 W. Delaware Ave, is available to provide general information about a variety of available research options, as well as information on how to identify and approach a faculty researcher with whom the student would like to work. To schedule an appointment with the Undergraduate Research Office please email them at UndergradResearch@udel.edu.

Please note that the deadline for Summer Scholars applications is March 1, 2010. It is advisable that you find a willing faculty sponsor well in advance of this deadline.    

Undergraduate Summer Scholars

The Summer Scholars Program enables selected undergraduates, generally sophomores and juniors, to conduct in-depth research or creative work with University faculty. Students in the Summer Scholars Program work on their projects full-time for ten weeks in the summer and continue to complete three credits' worth of research in the following academic year. Research and creative work is generally completed under the close supervision of a faculty member. The research done during the academic year may be part of the senior thesis for the Degree with Distinction or Honors Degree with Distinction. Each Scholar will receive a stipend of $3,000 and a summer housing allowance of $500.

More information regarding the Summer Scholars programs can be found at the Undergraduate Research Office.

Ten week Summer Research Scholarships are also available for undergraduate students to pursue research at the Nemours / Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for children. 


Students interested in participating in research throughout the academic year generally go about doing so in two ways: as a volunteer or via and independent study. Many first year students who are still adjusting to life on campus and working on time-management opt to begin their careers as researchers by volunteering for a faculty member: this type of research work allows for much greater flexibility with the work schedule and required time commitment. While you will not receive any official recognition for your work (for example, on your transcript), it is still a great way to learn about your field and become part of a professional community. Plus, volunteering at the start of a project can help you to get an idea of whether or not you are really interested in a particular project, and you can then work more fully on it in the future.

Research for Credit

The most common option for students participating in academic year research is to enroll in an independent study course. This option allows you to receive credit for your time completing research; however, it also comes with a time commitment. Depending on the number of credits you enroll in for independent study, you are required to complete a certain number of work hours: 1 credit independent study = 3-5 hours/week, 2 credits = 6-9 hours/week, 3 credits = 10-12 hours/week. You and your faculty advisor should discuss the time commitment that works best for both of you.

For Graduate Students

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