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Arun Kumar
Medical Laboratory Sciences

What are your general research interests?

My research interests lie in the areas of nanomedicine, nanotoxicity, tissue engineering and biomedical devices.

What are your current projects and how are they funded?

Currently, I am investigating nanoencapsulated natural compounds to treat cardiac disorders and a novel way to deliver nanoparticles coupled with drugs to the deep lung utilizing a biocompatible cell-based system and deliver therapy through the peripheral vasculature instead of a pulmonary route.

Further, I am expanding this approach to develop cell-based therapeutic applications to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, brain trauma, cardiomyopathies, cancer, gene therapy and chronic lung disease. I just joined UD last year, so my current research is funded by the Medical Laboratory Sciences Department startup funds and a General University Research (GUR) award from UD. I have submitted proposals to various federal agencies.

Arun Kumar, MLS

Who are your collaborators on these projects?

I collaborate with researchers and clinicians at Christiana Care Health System and at Marshall University in West Virginia, as well as with biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

What are the likely “next steps” in your work?

My next step will be to develop new collaborative projects for funding my research program and develop a nanomedicine program to train UD researchers and students in this highly interdisciplinary research program. I have also started a new certificate program in nanomedicine for UD students this year.

How would you describe your work’s importance to an interested lay audience?

All diseases start at the molecular level, and it is difficult to treat and diagnose disease when it is at the molecular stage with existing technologies. Nanomedicine shows promise as an approach to monitor, repair, construct, and control human biological systems at the molecular level using engineered nanodevices and nanostructures.

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