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Tom Kaminski
Department of Kinesiology & Applied Physiology

What are your general research interests?

I’m interested in ankle instability, mild traumatic brain injuries in women’s soccer, and functional performance assessment for the lower extremities.

What are your current projects and how are they funded?

  • Ankle Injury Assessment and Tracking in an Athletic Population
  • Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion) in Female Interscholastic Soccer
  • Examination of Purposeful Heading and Neuropsychological Test Performance in Intercollegiate Soccer Players
  • Postural Sway and Neuropsychological performance Following an Acute Bout of Soccer Heading
  • Comparing Athletic Performance Variables in Athletes Wearing the Under Armour® Highlight Cleat (UnderArmour Grant)
  • Investigation of Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation Contrasting RICE versus Micro-Mobile Compression® (AVEX – Active Recovery Partnership)
  • 10+ other active research projects underway with a cadre of undergraduate and graduate researchers

Who are your collaborators on these projects?

Graduate and undergraduate students, Dr. Geoff Gustavsen – UD Student Health Center, Dr. Buz Swanik (KAAP), Dr. David Webner (Crozer Medical Center)

What are the likely next steps in your work?

Federal funding
Changes in clinical practice

Concussion Research

How would you describe your work’s importance to an interested lay audience?

Our work with purposeful heading in the sport of soccer has gained a tremendous amount of attention lately because of evidence showing that even lower force sub-concussive impacts/insults to the brain may have some long-term detrimental effects on brain function. To the young adolescent and adult populations we study, this is an especially important topic of interest.

Research efforts surrounding the area of ankle instability are equally important to the lay public with respect to the fact that ankle sprains are one of the leading causes of visits to the emergency room in the United States. Sport and lay populations alike suffer ankle sprains. As researchers, we have a critical interest in preventing long-term disability in the form of ankle instability. Our ongoing efforts here at UD have positioned our lab and provided a spotlight with regard to our involvement as the lead author on the most recent NATA position statement involving the management of lateral ankle sprains in the athletic population as well as our standing in the international community and as a co-founder of the International Ankle Consortium.

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