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The University of Delaware's Science, Technology and Advanced Research Campus is the center of innovation, leading cutting- edge research in areas such as health science, cyber security, alternative energy, and infrastructure.

UD nurses care for people experiencing mental illness, homelessness

Every Wednesday, nurse practitioner Julia Jordan and a School of Nursing student see patients at the Rick VanStory Resource Center in Wilmington. Caring for people with psychiatric disabilities at the recovery-oriented peer center gives an invaluable beyond-the-textbook approach to learning. Jordan’s presence at the center every Wednesday is the result of a partnership that includes the resource center, the state of Delaware, and the University of Delaware through its Nurse Managed Health Center.

Artifacts to be preserved, catalogued for School of Nursing 50th anniversary

One of the rewarding parts of art conservation is making an emotional connection to something as simple as a pair of shoes and a name pin. Students from the University of Delaware's Department of Art Conservation paired up with the School of Nursing to preserve and catalog artifacts ahead of the school's 50th anniversary next year.

GoBabyGo creates FUNctional Fashion for special needs children

A new FUNctional Fashion course taught by Martha Hall in spring 2015 challenged senior Fashion & Apparel Studies students with creating garments for children with special needs. SewBabySew, in partnership with researchers Michele Lobo and Cole Galloway in the University of Delaware's GoBabyGo program, is creating wearable technology in which assistive devices are embedded in clothing and garments are adapted for children with particular needs.

Hip disartic amputee receives better functioning with new prosthetic

Ashly Ash has been seeking a prosthetic leg that would help her function "like a man" - lifting, climbing stairs and leading the active lifestyle she refuses to give up. She was recently fitted with a new prosthesis specially designed to be more functional for her type of higher-level amputation. She is the fourth patient to visit the BADER Clinic, based out of STAR Campus.

UD Day in D.C. 2015

UD Day in D.C. was held at the Hart Senate Office Building and sponsored by the University of Delaware's Office of Research to give Congressional staffers and alumni a chance to meet researchers in many fields and see the impact federal grants have had in these studies. Visit UDaily for more info.

Learning about Ebola

Though the Ebola virus outbreak is the largest ever and continues to make front-page headlines, members of the University of Delaware faculty explained that the U.S. health care system is capable of identifying and treating the disease. Visit http://www.udel.edu for more info.

  • Tom Kaminski (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology): ankle instability, mild traumatic brain injuries in women’s soccer, functional performance assessment for the lower extremities

  • Carolee Polek (Nursing), cancer care, including prevention, early detection and survivorship 

  • Buzz Swanik (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), injury proneness

  • Gregory Hicks (Physical Therapy), improving physical function in older adults

  • Bethany Hall-Long (Nursing), policies and programs to help vulnerable populations.

  • Arun Kumar (Medical Laboratory Sciences), nanomedicine

  • Joe Zeni (Physical Therapy), osteoarthritis and joint arthroplasty

  • Christopher Modlesky (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), skeletal development of children with cerebral palsy and osteogenesis imperfecta

  • Mary Ann McLane (Medical Laboratory Sciences), cancer metastasis

  • Kathy Schell (Nursing), patient safety, postoperative care

  • Sam Lee (Physical Therapy), use of electrical stimulation to improve function of individuals with central nervous system injury

  • Jillian Trabulsi (Behavioral Health & Nutrition), weight gain, growth, and nutritional status in infants and children

  • Michelle Parent (Medical Laboratory Sciences), immunity to bacterial infections

  • Dave Edwards (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), vascular function

  • Raelene Maser (Medical Laboratory Sciences), diabetic neuropathy

  • Marie Kuczmarski (Behavioral Health & Nutrition), nutrition and aging

  • Ingrid Pretzer-Aboff (Nursing), Parkinson’s disease

  • Bill Farquhar (Kinesiology & Applied Physiology), effects of dietary salt on blood pressure

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