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Cathy L. Ciolek

John P. Scholz

Physical Therapy Department
307 McKinly Lab/ 326 McKinly Lab

Research Interests

Dr. Scholz' research is directed toward understanding basic processes underlying the control and coordination of movement in healthy individuals and in patients with movement dysfunction, particularly individuals with stroke. This work combines mathematical modeling with experiments designed to understand how the nervous system solves the purported "problem" of motor redundancy to learn and achieve successful functional movement tasks. This work has focused to date on the coordination of postural tasks (standing and sit-to-stand) and skilled upper extremity activities such as reaching, pointing and drawing tasks. Another line of investigation studies recovery of walking in individuals surviving a stroke by using a novel approach combining robotics, functional electrical stimulation and motor learning. This latter work is in collaboration with other faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Physical Therapy.


  • 1986 The University of Conneticut – Ph.D.: Experimental Pyschology/Motor Control
  • 1978 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – M.A. Degree: Pediatric Physical Therapy 
    Major Advisor: Suzann K. Campbell, Ph.D., P.T.
  • 1973 The University of Pennsylvania School of Allied Medical Professions – Certificate: Physical Therapy
  • 1971 West Chester State College – B.S.Major: Health Education
  • 1968 The Pennsylvania State University – Major: Education


  • 13th Annual Eugence Michels Researcher's Forum Lecturer, American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting, San Antonio, TX. Feb. 1993.
  • Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association, June 2011.


  • PHYT 623: Clinical Neuroscience - Motor Control; Spring Semester
  • PHYT/BMSC 630: Human Movement Control - Graduate Seminar; Spring Semester
  • PHYT 803: Medical Science III: Neurology; Fall Semester
  • PHYT 804: Neurophysiologic Evaluation and Treatment; Fall Semester

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