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Bacterial Spectra

Fusion of the wavelet information (J. Chemometrics, 19, 55 (2005)) allows improved recognition of the bacteria from the spectra:

Fusing Wavelet Data


The Laboratory for Chemometrics

The Laboratory for Chemometrics researches novel methods for the computer-aided analysis of data collected from chemical and biochemical instrumentation. We focus on the discovery of new methodology and its application to chemometrics and chemoinformatics, process analytical technology (PAT), process analytical chemistry (PAC) biomedical chemical analysis, and forensic applications. We apply principles of machine learning, signal processing, soft modeling, multivariate statistics and data mining in creating reliable and fast methods for the extraction of information from chemical data. At present, we are funded by  The US Dept. of Justice and the National Geospatial Agency.

Laboratory Location and Personnel

The Laboratory for Chemometrics is located in Drake and Brown Laboratories at the University of Delaware. The Laboratory is headed by Prof. Steven D. Brown.

Opportunities at the Laboratory

Occasional opportunities may exist for undergraduates and graduate students and sometimes for post-doctoral associates and visiting scientists. Click here to learn more about application procedures. We also welcome collaborations with other research groups, whether local or not.

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