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Office hours for Spring 2016: 1100 T, 1300TR
Undergraduate advisees may attend one of these times or may e-mail for an appointment.

Prof. Brown is teaching Chem 220 and Chem 221in Spring 2016.

Steven D. Brown

Willis F. Harrington Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry
239 Brown Laboratory
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716 USA

Contact Information:
Telephone:    (+1 302) 831-6861
E-mail:  sdb "at" udel.edu
Web:    http://www.udel.edu/chemo/

Research Interests:     informatics, multivariate statistical methods, process analysis, analytical chemistry

My research is focused on the development of new methods for mathematical and statistical analysis of data
produced from chemical instrumentation, a field known as chemometrics or chemo-informatics. Most of my laboratory's current effort is directed to developing computer-based data analysis methods relevant to process chemistry and chemical engineering and to biomedical analysis. Members of  this research group work closely with the collection and analysis of complex data and are exposed to problems from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from geochemistry to molecular biology. Our usual practice is to apply our methods to real problems provided by collaborators and by sponsors.

Please be aware that I have no openings for visitors or post-doctoral workers in my laboratory at this time.

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