My industrial and academic experience has been in experimental colloid science and surface analysis. I feel I'm qualified to teach undergraduate and graduate level courses in the areas of general, colloid, physical and analytical chemistry and as well as technical writing. Two personal goals are: 1) to author a general chemistry textbook incorporating significantly more organic and biochemistry material without diminishing the more conventional topics such as nomenclature and descriptive, structural, physical and inorganic chemistry, and 2) to author a physical chemistry textbook which combines mass, momentum and energy balances (traditionally chemical engineering topics) with physical chemistry in order to provide a more intuitive and general presentation for chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering students.

In addition to teaching and academic advising, I would hope to direct an active research program in the areas of kinetic and equilibrium adsorption of molecules and polymers at interfaces. These areas of research would be continuations of work reported in my recent publications. Technological applications for this research would include: paper manufacture, adsorption of environmental pollutants, migration of soil nutrients, adsorption on membrane surfaces and polymer molecules, electrostatic properties of organic and inorganic interfaces, adhesion, paints and coatings, detergency, foam and particulate dispersion stability, viscosity modification, etc. Funding for this research would be sought from institutions with interests in the above mentioned technologies.


  • Post Doctorial Study; Colloid Science Research,
      University of Texas at Austin, July, 1974 to July, 1975.
  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry; Colloid and Physical Chemistry Emphasis,
      University of Texas at Austin, January, 1975.
  • B.A. Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry Emphasis with Math and Physics
      Double Minor, Emporia (Kansas) State University, May, 1969.




Professor John F. Scamehorn
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Oklahoma
100 East Boyd Street
Norman, OK  73019
Tel:  (405) 325-4382
FAX:  (405) 325-5813
    Dr. Charles R. Clark
1316 Meadowbrook
Ponca City, OK  74601
Tel:  (405) 762-4254
FAX:  (405) 762-0922


University of Delaware - Assistant Professor   9/00-Present
Teach courses in general and analytical chemistry with oversight of labs.
Serve as Student advisor and undergraduate faculty commitee member.

Consultant for Stone & Webster Engineering   5/99-7/99
Developed methods to identify optimum surfactants for emulsification and microemulsification to be used in the disposal of U.S. Army nerve gas stocks.

University of Delaware - Visiting Professor   1/98-5/00
Taught courses in general and analytical chemistry and the associated labs.

Editor - "Oxide Surfaces", Marcel-Dekker, Publisher   1/97-7/00
Enlisted chapter authors, wrote two chapters then edited all chapters.

Titanium Dioxide Research - E.I. DuPont   7/92-1/97
Developed adsorption equations for the solution-solid interface. Used adsorption equations to model the electrostatic stabilization of dispersions. Specific applications to gellation in latex paints containing ZnO.

New Product Development Research - E.I. DuPont   6/90-7/92
Developed novel methods of coating particles in aqueous solutions with inorganic oxides.

Surfactant Technical Service - E.I. DuPont   6/87-6/90
Advised customers on applications for all 50+ DuPont surfactants and oil field drilling fluid additives. Developed and taught numerous customer training courses on surfactant chemistry and applications.

Oil Field Chemical Research - E.I. DuPont   11/84-6/87
Invented an apparatus to analyze shale instability. Developed a chemical additive for drilling fluids which inhibits shale disintegration during oil well drilling. Developed an oil flow enhancing chemical. Developed and taught numerous customer training courses on the chemistry of newly developed oil field chemicals.

Surface Chemical Research - Conoco Inc.   1/80-11/84
Evaluated the relationship between surfactant chemical structure and application properties such as foam and detergency. Developed and taught numerous customer training courses on surfactant chemistry and applications.

Polymer and Surface Chemical Research - Conoco Inc.   7/75-1/80
Developed models which would predict polymer processing behavior such as plasticizer uptake by porous polymer beads and the break down of porous polymer beads during extrusion or milling. Invented an apparatus to quantitatively measure plasticizer uptake by porous polymer beads. Developed and taught numerous customer training courses on poly(vinyl chloride) chemistry and applications.



  • Advisor Board, J. Colloid Interface Sci., since January, 1999.
  • Book Ed., "Oxide Surfaces" in "Surfactant Sci. Ser." By Marcel Dekker.
  • 10 U.S. Patents.
  • 22 Technical Publications.
  • Session Chair, 71st Colloid & Surf. Sci. Symp., Am. Chem. Soc., 1997.
  • "People to People International.", Russian Oil Field Delegate, 1991.
  • Best Technical Paper, 1979, Soc. of Plastics Eng. Annual Tech. Conf.
  • Summer Co-op Student, Conoco, Inc., 1968 and 1969.
  • American Chemical Society, Section President and Secretary, 1966-1969.
  • Recipient, Kiwania Club Scholarship, 1965.


    Scoutmaster, BSA, 1986-1988.


  • U.S. Patent 6,030,467, Wingrave, James A., "Surfactant-Aided Removal of Organics", Patent issued, February 29, 2000.
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  • U.S. Patent 4,112,206, Wingrave, J. A., "Polyvinyl Chloride Having Improved Antistatic Properties", Patent issued, September 11, 1978.
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  • U.S. Patent 3,625,857, Weimer, D. R. and Wingrave, J. A., "Oil Spill Dispersant and Method of Employing Same", Patent issued, December 7, 1971.



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