CHEM-527      Fall 1999


Brief Course Description:  A one-semester survey of the fundamentals of biochemistry.  Organic Chemistry CHEM-322, CHEM-332, or equivalent are prerequisites and Introductory Biology BISC-103 or BISC-207 are strongly recommended.   The course is directed towards undergraduate majors in biology, chemistry, and related life sciences; and graduate students in agriculture, biology, nutrition, marines sciences, and engineering who do not expect to use biochemistry professionally.

Meeting Time and Place:  9:30 to 10:15 AM
                                         in 102 Gore Hall

Instructor:                             Professor Hal White
        Office:                            123 Brown Laboratory
        Phone:                            831-2908

Course SyllabusIncludes an expanded course description, expectations, grading information.

Course Schedule:  Includes schedule of course activities, due dates for assignments, seminar dates.

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