Kiersey Temperament Sorter

Finding out about Yourself and Your Audience

Much about how we interact with others and react to situations depends on personalities. Trying to understand ourselves and others can go a long way toward success in personal and professional relationships. There have been many attempts to identify the principal components of personality. One is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that some of you may have taken. A somewhat similar questionnaire, The Kiersey Temperament Sorter, can be taken and scored on line. The questionnaire consists of 70 questions that can be answered in less than 20 minutes. By Friday February 8, each student in Tutorial Methods of Instruction should visit the Kiersey site and answer the questions on-line. The questionnaire will be evaluated on-line and you will be characterized by four letters, eg. INTJ. Browse the site to discover the meaning of the letters associated with you and see if they fit with your own perceptions of yourself.

The instructor wants to generate a class profile. Thus, after you have received your four-letter code, please e-mail it to Dr. White who will compile the codes from all of the students in the class. This information will be kept confidential; however, if you do not wish to participate, please say so by e-mail because part of this exercise is to establish lines of communication between students and the instructor. The class profile will be presented and discussed on Friday, February 8 in relation to how it might influence effective communication.

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