Dr. Munson Takes New and Returning
Chemistry & Biochemistry Majors on a "Field Trip"

As usual, Dr. Munson's annual unsanctioned guided tour of places you shouldn't go was the high light of this year's new student orientation. Undaunted by past obstacles and rumors of hungry roof ogres, about 35 students explored Lammot DuPont Laboratory and Brown Laboratory from the catacombs to the slate tiles where they got the following views.
"I want all of you to know that the floor down there is two feet lower than it should be. One year this place flooded and they did a marvelous job of covering it up except over there. See how the bricks don't match?"
"You may have heard of Harrington Beach. This is Pebble Beach. Access is restricted on that one."

"Careful how you fall. We only lost two people last year. That is the way to get to Drake. Watch out for the pigeon wires."

These are places elevators don't go.
When they renovate north Brown, this is one walkway that won't get paved with bricks. 

Who would have suspected that there were three floors in LDL that were off limits.  We need all of this to keep things running. Where do you think distilled water comes from? Or, what happens to the air that goes out the hoods?

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