Dr. Munson's New Millennium
Rooftop Tour of Brown Laboratory

Dr. Munson provides the culminating event of the annual new student orientation for Chemistry and Biochemistry students, a rooftop tour of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department buildings ala Mary Poppins. This year, after a harrowing and an unsuccessful attempt to commandeer the Lammot DuPont Laboratory elevator to the roof and lacking technical support for a full scale assult up the pillars on the mall, a slip past security agents through a mechanical room gained access to the summit. The 360 degree view of the campus was spectacular with access via ladders and scrambling to the roof of Drake Laboratory. This once a year event will not be repeated until August 2001.
Dr. Munson surveys the summit of Brown Laboratory and contemplates access to the roof of Drake Hall. John Heiss (Jr Biochem) wonders why this part of the building never gets painted. 

Suzanne (Sr Chem):  Nikki, there's no elevator there. Besides, after the last ride, you'be better off jumping.

Nikki (Sr Chem) celebrates finding a ladder.
But Adam (Sr Chem), why jump when you can use the ladder? Do you really think John (Sr Biochem) can catch you?


It's a long way to Tipperary.
Allison (Jr Biochem) and Taylor (jr Biochem) on ladder

Jerry (So Chem) and Denise (So Chem)
take an unusual return route 
from Drake Hall to Brown Laboratory.

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