20th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium
in the Chemical and Biological Sciences
University of Maryland, Baltimore Co.
, Catonsville, Maryland, 14 October 2017

Over 300  students from 48 East Coast colleges and 9 states converged on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, on Saturday, October 14, for the Twentiethth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Chemical and Biological Sciences. University of Delaware students did very well receiving 6 first place awards (Michael Testa, Alexander George, Chelsea Lee, Alexander Stubbolo/Camryn Bernheimer, Caitlyn Dogherty, and Erin Jackson) and 5 second place awards (Jessica McAnulty, Rachel O'Sullivan, Shrey Patel, Kyle Plusch, and Lauren Reich) in several Biology or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology groupings. Other University of Delaware students who participated were: Adrienne Fraczkowski, Tessa Jarvis, Pragyan Khanal, John Nixon, Hira Peracha, Juan Ruiz, John Vaile, and Dominic Villalba. Faculty with the group included Carlton Cooper, Deni Galileo, Seung Hong, Gary Laverty, Ben Rohe, Jessica Tanis, and Hal White.

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Back Row: Dr. Deni Galileo, Dr. Gary Laverty, Dr. Seung Hong, Dr. Jessica Tanis, and Michael Testa.
Middle Row: Anita Rao,
Juan Ruiz, Tessa Jarvis, Dominic Villalba, John Vaile, Shrey Patel, Pragyan Khanal, and Alexander George.
Front row: 
Hira Peracha, Caitlyn Doherty, Camryn Bernheimer, Alexander Stubbolo, Kyle Plusch, Jessica McAnulty, Lauren Reich, Rachel O'Sullivan, Erin Jackson, and Dr. Hal White
Missing: Dr. Carlton Cooper, Adrienne Fraczkowski, Chelsea Lee, John Nixon, and Ben Rohe.

Back Row:  Dominic Villalba, Pragyan Khanal.
Middle Row: Juan Ruiz, Tessa Jarvis, John Vaile, Shrey Patel, Kyle Plusch, Chelsea Lee, Michael Testa, Alexander George, and Anita Rao.
Front row:  Hira Percha, Caitlyn Doherty, Camryn Bernheimer, Alexander Stubbolo,  Jessica McAnulty, Lauren Reich, Rachel O'Sullivan, and Erin Jackson.
Missing: Adrienne Fraczkowski,  John Nixon .

University of Delaware Unergraduates who Particpated in the UMBC Symposium

First name Last name  Group Awards Poster Title Advisor(s)        
Camryn Bernheimer Biology, MM 1st
Can L1CAM Secreting Cells Act as "Pathfinders" for Brain Cancer? Deni Galileo
Caitlin Doherty Biology, OO 1st Non-invasive pulmonary function test on Morquio patients Shunji Tomatsu
Adrienne Fraczkowski Biology, KK   Measuring Stress Response to Daily Self-Weighing Carly R. Pacanowski
Alexander George Biology, M 1st The Role of the Non-canonical Wnt/Calcium Pathway in the Development and Function of Primary Mesenchyme Cells Jia L. Song
Erin Jackson Biochem/ Mol. Biol. VV 1st Exploration of Novel Markers of Posterior Capsular Opacification Melinda Duncan
Tessa Jarvis Biology, O   Production of Latent Viruses from Nitrogen-fixing Bacterial Symbionts of Soybean K. Eric Wommack & Shawn Polson
Pragyan Khanal Biology, N   Examination of Prenatal Zika Virus Infection on Inflamitory Response of Maternal & Neonatal Brain Mark Parcells & Jacklyn Schwarz
Chelsea Lee Biology, HH 1st MicroRNA-31 Regulation of Eve Expression in the Early Sea Urchin Embryo Jia L. Song
Jessica McAnulty Biology, MM 2nd Epigenetic Modifications in the Olfactory Bulb and Anterior Piriform Cortex Associated with Infant Olfactory and Tactile Experiences Tania Roth
Biochem/ Mol. Biol. VV
Identifying the Dynamic Oligomerization of Wntless
Erica Selva
Rachel O'Sullivan Biochem/ Mol. Biol. R 2nd Combination Photothermal Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer Treatment Joel Rosenthal & Emily S. Day
Shrey Patel Biology, J 2nd Identification of genes that affect acetylcholine signaling at the C. elegans neuromuscular junction Jessica Tanis
Hira  Peracha Biology, J   Epidemiology of mucopolysaccharidoses Shunji Tomatsu
Kyle Plusch Biology, N 2nd Characterizing Glioblastoma Stem Cells for L1CAM Expression and Responsiveness Deni Galileo
Anita Rao Biology, MM   WLS Transition from Oligomer to Dimer: A Mechanism of WNT Release? Erica Selva
Lauren Reich Biology, K 2nd Altering the Epigenetic Landscape: Counteracting the Effects of Early Stress via Epigenome Modification Tania Roth
Juan Ruiz Biology, O   Investigation of New Biomarkers for Mammalian Corneal Development Salil A. Lachke
Alexander Stubbolo Biology, MM 1st
Can L1CAM Secreting Cells Act as "Pathfinders" for Brain Cancer? Den Galileo
Michael Testa Biology, I 1st The Role of Rab35 GTPase in Sea Urchin Morphogenesis Jia L. Song
John Vaile Biology, L   Quorum Sensing Regulators Control Ectoine Biosynthesis Gene Expression in the Halophile Vibrio parahaemolyticus E. Fidelma Boyd
Dominic Villalba Biology, II   Identification of New Biomarkers in Lens Development and Cataract Salil A. Lachke

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