CHEM 601 (Section 10) and BISC 667 (Section 10)
Tentative Schedule - Fall 2011 
1 Credit, Pass-Fail

Instructors:  Hal White (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Prof. Seung Hong (Biological Sciences)
203 Brown Laboratory
halwhite at
028 McKinly Laoratory

smhong at

Time & Place:
The class meets Tuesdays from 8:00 to 9:15 A.M. in 205 Brown Laboratory. In addition, the course is coupled to the annual TA Conference sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and departmental TA Orientation sessions during the week before classes start.  The tentative course schedule appears below. Based on TA needs, the topics and their order are subject to change on request to the instructor with a week's notice. The first 10 to 15 minutes of each class will be available to discuss events of note from teaching laboratories during the previous week.

August 21 to 26, 2011

Wed, Aug 24, 1:30 - 4:30 PM
205 Brown lab

TA Conference
Biology TA Orientation Session
Chemistry TA Orientation Sessions

Joint Biology-Chemistry TA Sessions
(205 Brown)
      Roles and Importance of Being a Teaching Assistant
      TA Videos from Clemson University
August 30
No Class
September 6
How to Succeed in My New Job (TA)?
      Purposes of Science Laboratories
September 13 What are the Goals of Undergraduate Laboratory Courses?
Completed Checklist of TA Instructional Duties Due
September 20
Is it Possible to Grade Fairly?
      TA Tips for Grading
September 27
How to Ask Questions that get Students to Think about What They are Doing?
Bloom's Taxonomy & Questioning Skills
October 4
Is What was Done Really THAT Bad?
      Ethics cases in General Chemistry
     Insight into student laboratory ethics  - J. Res. Sci. Teaching 41(1) 47-64 (2004)
October 11
How to Deal with Disruptive Behavior and Unexpected Events.
      Assignment-On-line test to determine your personality type
October 18
How Do Students Develop Intellectually? 
      The Perry Scheme
October 25
Why Don't Students Seem to Understand?
      Biology Misconceptions
      Biology Concept Tests
      Chemistry Misconceptions
      Chemistry Concept Tests
      Physical Science Concepts in Biology
November 1
Why Aren't They Interested?
Motivation Applied to Teaching
      Youtube video of, "Teaching Teaching, Understanding Understanding" shown in class.
November 8 Who Helped Me and How Can I Help others?
November 15 Entering Mentoring
University of Wisconsin mentoring Seminar
November 22 No Class, Thanksgiving Break
November 29
Evaluation of TA Teaching Case Studies (Assignment Due)
Course Evaluation
December  6
No Class  Scientific Teaching, Science 304, 521 (2004)

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