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Chem 332
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Organic Chemistry Lecture

M-W-F, 10:10-11:00

BRL 101

Office Hours: 202 LDL     M 11:00-1:00, Fri 3:00-4:00 TA: T 4:15-5:15 219 BRL

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I will be glad to schedule other appointments (maximum 30 minutes, once a week) if additional help is needed. I can be reached at Douglass F. Taber. I will not talk with you about the course on the day of the exam.

Tutors are available, but it is far more effective to recruit a study buddy. Learning organic chemistry is like learning a new language. It is best accomplished by practicing with someone else. For each homework, each of you choose a different older homework of that number. Each of you work through it on your own, then swap, and grade each other completely, following the posted key. Repeat the process with another older homework of that same number, until you are doing well - then do the current homework on your own, and turn it in. Use the same procedure to prepare for each exam. This is by far the best way to make sure that you really know that material as you go along.

Texts: Organic Chemistry, Vollhardt & Schore

Organic Chemistry Study Guide, Schore

Molecular Model Set

Honors Section: In addition to the regular lectures, there is an Honors discussion group that meets from 9:05-9:55 Friday mornings in 219 BRL. Even if you are not registered for this section, you are welcome to sit in on the discussions.

Grading: There will be three hour exams and a final. These exams will be of equal value, totaling 90% of the grade. All exams will be open book and open notes. In addition, there will be weekly homework assignments, that will together count 10% of the grade. You can approach these problem sets as a group or individually. Make sure, however, that you understand the material, as you will be on your own on the exams.

Homework: Homework will be posted on the course Web site no later than Friday lecture. Completed homework must be turned in by the end of lecture on Monday to receive credit. If you cannot make it to class, faxed homework (831-6335) is acceptable. Answer keys for homework, examples of previous homework with answer keys, and previous exams with anwer keys will all be posted on the Web site. If you earn at least one point on a homework, you will get all 30 points in the grade book.

Schedule: Hour Exams Wednesday Feb. 27th, Friday March 22nd, Friday April 19th. Final exam:

Rules for Naming Organic Molecules: see Organic Nomenclature.

Through this semester, the rest of Vollhardt will be covered. You will be responsible in the homework and on the exams for all material covered in lecture. You will find it easier to learn the material if you read the asssigned section from Vollhardt and Schore before you come to class, then again after class.

Week 1: (Monday February 4th) Chp.21 - Amines

Homework #1- due Monday Feb. 11th, 10 a.m.

Week 2: (Monday February 11th) Chp. 17, 18 - Aldehydes and Ketones

Homework #2

Week 3: (Monday February 18th) Chp. 19, 20, 23 Carboxylic Acids, Dicarbonyl Compounds, Sigmatropic (electrocyclic) Rearrangements

Homework #3

Week 4: (Monday Feb 25th)

Monday: Study old Exam #1's, and bring your questions!

Tuesday, Feb 26thnd    Review session, 3:45-4:45 pm, 219 BRL

Wednesday Feb 27th Hour Exam #1

HW #4

Friday: Ring-forming Reactions: Carbenes pp. 531-532 Photochemical 2+2

Week 5: (Monday March 4th) Ring-forming Reactions continued: Intramolecular aldol condensation, Robinson annulation, Dieckmann, Diels-Alder 628-640, 843-846, 854-855, 1085, 1096

Chp. 15, 16 Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Homework #5

Week 6: (Monday March 11th) Chp. 15, 16 Chp. 22 Benzene Substitution: Diazonium Salts

Homework #6 th)

Week 7: (Monday March 18th) Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Homework #7 (due Monday April 1st)

Wednesday: Bring your questions!

Thursday, March 21st: Review session, 3:35-4:45 pm, 219 BRL

Friday March 22nd: Hour Exam #2

March 25th  Spring Break!

Week 8: (Monday April 1st) Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution

Homework #8

Week 9: (Monday April 8th) Amino acids, sugars Chp 24

Homework #9

Week 10: (Monday April 15th) Synthesis applications, arrow-pushing mechanisms

Thursday, April 18th: Review session, 3:35-4:45 pm, 219 BRL

Friday April 19th: Hour Exam #3

Week 11: (Monday April 22nd) Introduction to Heterocycles Chp. 25

Homework #10

Week 12: (Monday April 29th) Chp. 26 DNA, RNA

Homework #11

Week 13: (Monday May 6th) Current organic chemistry research

Week 14: (Monday May 13th): Last day of class - Review for final: bring your questions

Bring your questions to the review session:

Final Exam: