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Chem 635

Syllabus: Class will be meeting Tuesdays  7-10 in 207 BRL.  Each week we will present and discuss total syntheses, including talking about strategy, and reviewing reagents and mechanisms.  There will be two exams and a final, each three hours.  The exams will be based on the reagents and mechanisms from the articles that have been presented.  Remember, we may or may not have discussed those particular aspects of the article in class. 

Each week, you will need to send me by Tuesday noon two articles on total synthesis, in .pdf format, by email.  I will choose one, and you will write a report, 1-3 pages with pictures, summarizing what you think is important about that article.  This report, along with the .pdf of the article,  are to be submitted to me by email by noon on Thursday.  You will select the articles that you present from those on which you have written a report.  Any total synthesis in  JACS, JOC  or  Angewandte Chemie is fair game.  From other journals, there is less of a chance of being acceptable, but there are some good syntheses  in Org Lett, Tet  Lett and other journals.

Sample Report

In your report, please focus on overall strategy.  What problems did they have to solve, and how did they solve them?  What are the broader implications/applications of those solutions?

Do not resubmit an article that I have rejected once - if you send me two good ones, I will tell you that, and you will be able to use the other one another time. 

Please read and think about the article that I will send you by the first Tuesday at 7:00, and remember - your first two articles are due to me by that Tuesday at noon. 

Exams: Exams will be March 24 and April 28. There will also be a final exam. All exams are open book and open notes.

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Presentations: All presentations will be by PowerPoint. Please email to the class, and me, a .pdf of the article that you will be reviewing by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday (a week ahead!) before the presentation.

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